The Gum Incident

24 Apr

While waiting for Wowowee in Dubai (waiting meant 3 hours standing in the field in Dubai Festival City at the sun’s highest point), my flatmates and I got tired and exhausted. No food and water was allowed inside the venue while people of all ages, nationalities and odor were cramped in the big venue. It’s a stampede waiting to happen.

Lycel and Bing lied down on the concrete floor to hide from direct sunlight by the shadows cast by me, Gab and Jules.

Gab was chewing gum at that time and ofcourse to kill the time, we goofed around. While goofing around, his gum accidentally fell from his mouth and landed on Lycel! On Lycel’s crotch area! He was so embarrassed that he almost picked up the gum.

“Ay shit! Sorry!” Gab screamed while almost acting on picking it up.

I stopped him, “Gab! Huwag!” because I was embarassed for the almost crotch action.

Lycel, on the other hand, realized the gum on her ‘pants’ and was disgusted by it. She can’t do anything about it because of Gab’s saliva all over the gum.

We were all laughing hard at the thought of it, when Lycel stood up and made the gum fall off.

Dubai Wowowee

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Posted by on April 24, 2009 in Dubai Friends


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One response to “The Gum Incident

  1. lycel

    April 25, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    ay grabee!!! kakahiya ah…


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