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Goodbye 2014: A Summary

2014 was a year full of challenges. Mitch’s board exam, Nanay’s operation, marriage proposal and other additional responsibilities. I fought but never gave up. Some were fulfilling while other battles are still being fought.

I can summarize the past year with a few of hashtags that just pops on my mind. #OrChelleYes #London #Barcelona #Amsterdam #Belgium #Marclee #CVCCouncil #Marathon #ArkiMitch #Nanay60th #BoracayForever. Here’s the thing, though, hashtags will trend but the memories will last forever.

As for Funny Side Up, here’s just a few blogs that I find memorable from this year. Enjoy!

10. United States of Mimi
09. Will You…
08. Batang Api
07. Atong: Ikea Model
06. Wedding Gift for Rollie
05. Groom’s Good Man
04. RemitTEMce
03. Anonymous Text
02. 6 Hours Making Up
01. Food Tasting Nanay

See you on the other side! 2015 here we come!



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Goodbye 2013: A Summary

1 more day and the year is over. 2013 – finito! It has been a leap year for me. Leaps and bounds.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.32.34 PMI finally found her (Mitch). I have decided to learn to drive. And bought a 2014 Kia Sportage then named her Basha.
My 2013 travels were more flights but less destinations: South Korea, Armenia and Kenya. I also went back home and met Ambet Ocampo (only one of my favorite authors).
Friends entered into a relationship, some even got married while some friends had children. Our very own family welcomed another bundle of joy named Rafael Bundalian, my 2nd nephew.
Work has been great. Got promoted to Assistant Manager post at work while my choir won the 2013 Score’s UAE Choir of the Year.

It was a year of love and achievements.

As the year draws to a close, let me summarize 2013’s funnier posts. I promise 2014 will have more than the lackluster number of posts of 2013. Enjoy:

15. Wasak with Fries on the Side
14. Thor sa Kenya
13. Ronald’s Gift 2013 
12. Unfollow Atong
11. Karol’s Profile Pic
10. Mimi’s Chanel Bag
09. Tem: Manggagantso
08. Capiznon Joke
07. Focus Runs in the Family
06. Doon Kayo
05. CVC 8th Anniversary Party: Arrange Yourself by Age
04. Vice Nanay
03. Real Estate and a Baby
02. Pambugaw sa Multo TV
01. Sonya’s Garden Incident

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Goodbye 2012: A Summary

And that’s it! Another year is over. 2012 has been great for me. It is the year when I stepped into my 30s (scary and exciting at the same time). Work has been A LOT but at least my hardwork and efforts are not put in vain – finally.
It has been a year of travel: hopped to the Southeast Asian country of Brunei before flying home back in March and did the 8-country adventure to Europe: #GermayFranceSwitzerlandItalyVaticanAustriaSlovakiaCzech. Made new friends and lost some.

As usual, I tried to summarize the year’s best 25 blog posts and realized that I was not particularly funny this year (insert words of encouragement here). Well at least I tried. Here it is boys and girls, feast eys and funny bones.

25. Wow Mali! Walang Gagalaw – 21 April
24. Peg 101 – 05 February
23. Rocking it Richie – 08 January
22. Nanay’s Pasalubong 2012 – 03 March
21. Of Money and Gold Bars – 05 April
20. Smile Shutter Camera – 03 January
19. Rebellion Against the Norms – 27 March
18. Lotto: The Answer – 02 April
17. Patronize Me – 07 March
16. Miggy and His Big Spoon – 22 March
15. Fart Wars: Lolo vs Miguel – 20 March
14. Splitting the Bill – 20 March
13. When Pigs Fight – 12 May
12. Postal Parent – 02 June
11. Lolo and Shalani – 02 June
10. The Walking Dead for Nanay – 04 December
09. Tiktik Chronicles: Tem’s Story – 05 September
08. Atong’s Last Wish – 15 April
07. Turquoise – 22 November
06. Subject-Verb Agreement – 22 April
05. Miggy and His Seatbelt – 23 March
04. The Ateneo Jacket Incident – 25 February
03. Drugs or Teenage Pregnancy – 19 March
02. Don’t Sing in the Lift – 22 August
01. Fatty and Puss-y – 17 March


As I close 2012, here’s the highlights of the evens for the year that was (Some Nights by fun.)

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2012 Funny Facebook Status

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 1.44.53 AM

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Goodbye 2011: A Summary

The end of 2011 is finally upon us. This has been a steadier year compared to the past. Been to Istanbul, Turkey and flew back home this year. I also saw a lot of concerts of my favorite artists (Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Chris Brown and the Script). Gained new friends and lost some. Work has been a lot for me this year but it’s all ok because I can appreciate all of God’s blessings.

I was trying to summarize what has happened the whole year but that would be a daunting task (and a boring post to read) so I did what I can do best: summarize the top 25 funniest posts of 2011. Here it goes:

01. What We Do On Weekends – 25 June
02. Show Us the Prize – 16 July
03. Violin Wars – 18 June
04. Lola Hears a Who – 26 March
05. Atong’s Favorite Pair of Shorts – 16 July
06. Arn’s Kaning Baboy – 07 June
07. Magpapakain sa Buong Classroom – 25 July
08. Old Dog New Trick – 23 July
09. Anj, When? – 12 March
10. Bulupchoos – 26 November
11. One Two – 25 April
12. Crying Nieces – 17 April
13. Istanbul Plan – 10 September
14. Bruno Mars’ Number One Fan – 09 April
15. Forever Alone Birthday Cake – 29 May
16. CVC Cosplay – 19 February
17. Major Major Panget – 22 February
18. Soccer Punch – 13 April
19. Samantha Clara –  12 February
20. Pam’s Friend – 07 April
21. Miggy: The Alarm Boy – 28 March
22. Tatay’s Perfume – 27 March
23. Strangers! Strangers! – 26 February
24. Larawan ng Inggit – 11 January
25. Graciana: Kulot Salot – 25 December

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Farewell Alpha Nerd: Steve Jobs

Ness woke up to the sad news that bombarded cyberspace yesterday morning, “Steve Jobs is dead.”

Anj told her this even after she already read the tweets first thing she opened her eyes, “Patay na si Steve Jobs.”
“Oo nga,” she answered not knowing who this STEVE JOBS was.

On her way to work she thought to herself, “Saan kayng bansa presidente si Steve Jobs? Leader kasi nakalagay sa mga tweets.”  We laughed so hard but deep inside, I felt the sadness. #iSad… He was somehow a hero for me. An alpha nerd as you may put it.

I’ve summarized below the links about all things Apple on my blog for Steve…

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“Overtime” Life Cycle

I work from 8 am to 5 pm Sunday to Thursday. I rarely stayed for overtime but when I do this is how I feel:

  • 4:45 Kailangang tapusin lahat. Ayoko mag-OT! Rush! Rush!
  • 4:55 Deciding factor – to OT or not to OT. Most probably: OT.
  • 5:00 Huli na ba ang lahat? Baka pwede pa humabol sa bus service!
  • 5:30 Everybody starts to leave the office. Masama ang loob. Why me? Not fair!
  • 6:15 Done with what I needed to finish.
  • 6:30 Since I’m here, might as well finish other work that I need to finish. (Wow! May ibang nag-OT).
  • 6:45 It’s kinda nice here. No calls. No one to bother me. It’s nice and quiet. I should do this more often.
  • 7:00 Uwian na. Maaga pa rin naman. Ano ba ang namiss ko? 2 hours of traffic? Ok lang. Not so bad.

And the cycle continues tomorrow.

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