Miggy and Tito: Departure

03 Aug

“Miggy,” I asked my nephew, “Sad ka ba? Aalis na si Tito?”
“Yes,” at a young age of 6, he knew the concept of going away and letting go.
After he answered I left and went to the kitchen.
While I was in the kitchen, he whispered something to his mom, “Joke lang yun, ma,” as he was very happy that his evil tito is now going away again.

After Tem told me this, “Kuya, sabi ni Miggy joke lang daw yun!”
Miggy grabbed his mom’s mouth.
“Miggy!? Anong sabi mo?” I asked.
“Sorry! Sorry, Tito!”

Tem then asked again, “Miggy, sad ka aalis si Tito?”
“Yes,” the little kid answered.
Tem looked at his son’s face. “Uy! Tatawa yan.”
Miggy was really trying hard to hold his smile but would eventually laugh.
“Ulit-ulit!” Tem asked, “Miggy, sad ka aalis na si TIto?”
“Yes,” he answered straight faced but then laughed again.

“Miggy, aalis na rin si Ponette,” Miggy’s cousin will fly back to Japan after 2 weeks.
“Ay! BAKIT!?” He asked almost crying.
I overheard and asked, “Bakit ganyan tanong mo pag si Ponette. Bakit pa ako masaya ka?”
He was laughing hard when he realized this.

Miggy and Tem

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