“Overtime” Life Cycle

08 Jan

I work from 8 am to 5 pm Sunday to Thursday. I rarely stayed for overtime but when I do this is how I feel:

  • 4:45 Kailangang tapusin lahat. Ayoko mag-OT! Rush! Rush!
  • 4:55 Deciding factor – to OT or not to OT. Most probably: OT.
  • 5:00 Huli na ba ang lahat? Baka pwede pa humabol sa bus service!
  • 5:30 Everybody starts to leave the office. Masama ang loob. Why me? Not fair!
  • 6:15 Done with what I needed to finish.
  • 6:30 Since I’m here, might as well finish other work that I need to finish. (Wow! May ibang nag-OT).
  • 6:45 It’s kinda nice here. No calls. No one to bother me. It’s nice and quiet. I should do this more often.
  • 7:00 Uwian na. Maaga pa rin naman. Ano ba ang namiss ko? 2 hours of traffic? Ok lang. Not so bad.

And the cycle continues tomorrow.

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Posted by on January 8, 2011 in Lists, Work Anecdotes


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