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Japan in China

Since we are going to Chinatown, hungrily, somebody asked, “San tayo kakain?”
“Sana Japanese,” I kidded.
“Ayoko ng Japanese,” Rommey answered.
“Di ako kumakain ng hilaw,” Joy followed.
I don’t think they got the joke; hence, I needed to explain: “Japanese? Buti makakita tayo nun sa Chinatown?”

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Chinatown Incident

At Chinatown, Singapore

Joy picked some nice ref magnets outside a store. She approached a Chinese lady, who was arranging some products, and handed over her payment while pointing at her ref magnets.
The Chinese lady shook her head.
Joy insisted and kept shoving the money on the lady’s face.
The lady just shook her head.
Joy shove the money more and more.
The lady shook her head, then pointed to a Chinese man beside Joy.
The man shook his head while pointing to the lady as if saying, “No, don’t pay it to her.”
Joy then got what the man was saying and changed her payment direction: she tried to give the money to the Chinese man.
The man shook his head and pointed to the cashier.
Joy finally went to the cashier and paid the ref magnets.

I’ve witnessed all of this then told Joy, “Bakit mo naman binabayaran ‘yung magnet sa dalawang customer?”
“Customer ba ‘yun!?” she asked.
“Oo! Akala mo ba nag-aayos ng unan ‘yung babae? Namimili kaya s’ya ng bibilhin. Asawa n’ya yata ‘yung lalaki. Baka honeymoon nila!”
Joy laughed non-stop when she realized what she has done.

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Singaporean Lottery Line

In Lucky Plaza Shopping Centerl in Singapore, Joy and I decided to pee.

I’ve noticed that the toilet is beside the lottery betting shop. The line of Singaporeans betting was long.
I finished using the toilet first. While waiting for Joy, I lined up in the lottery betting line though I’m not going to bet. People followed behind me.

Joy, after using the toilet, approached and asked me, “Bakit ka nakapila?”
“Gusto ko lang magpasaya ng tao,” I answered.
“Di ba masaya ‘yung nakapila ka tapos ‘yung nasa unahan mo umalis?”
“Oo nga. Masaya nga ‘yun.”

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