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“Orlee, you’ll sing at the party,” a colleague told me. We were having a talent portion in the upcoming staff party.
“No! I don’t sing in public,” I answered.
“I’l put your name in the program.”
“I’ll seriously jump of the boat if my name’s announced,” we’ll party in a boat in Dubai Marina.


I then remembered one friend and choir mate back in my Marian Choir days — Dudz.
She was requested by her grandmother to sing on a program the next day.
She seriously screamed her voice off on a pillow to lose it the next day.

She lost it. Smart move.

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Bumbilya for Christmas

Something spiral.

That’s what we have agreed for our monito-monita back in my BDO Dasmarinas days (2007).
I was supposed to give Shiela, one of the Marketing Staff, a spiral fluorescent  bulb. Realizing that the Department Store has ran out of stock, I’ve decided to give her a regular bulb.
She was clueless who gave it to her and asked, “BUMBILYA!?!? Paano naman to naging spiral?”
All of the people from the branch tried to hold the bulb and asked themselves what was spiral about it – they have agreed that the screw of the bulb is the ‘something spiral’.

During the reveal, she told me, “Orlee! Pundido ‘yung binigay mong bumbilya!”

Paano di mapupundi eh pinag-pasapashan na ang ilaw?

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1,000th Funny Side

In the tradition of Funny Side, I always summarize the 10 funniest of the past 100 posts. Here’s the rundown of the funniest:

10. Real Reason
09. Friendship Watch
08. A Garbage Can Full of Women’s Shoes
07. Camarines Norte or Camarines Sur
06. Jade: Room Boy
05. Diet Cake
04. Singapore Sama
03. Nakakatakot vs Nakakadiri
02. Barong and Eskoba
01. Uso Smile

Since this is also my 1,000th post, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my readers.

Thanks to my family and friends for reading and sharing their stories.

A lot has happened for the past 4 years since I have started this blog: I saw how Miguel grew up and how Aki and Pong matured. How Nanay has looked forward to living in the US and came back home to the Philippines. This blog even served as a travelogue to my journeys to foreign lands.

It’s funny how a few words can offend people (how evil): Like when a client, offended, requested to delete a post about her and how Bing‘s housemates left her, offended by a post.

This blog has been a witness on how I love to collect Ronaldisms and the Tem-and-Me Dynamics stories. Witnessed how I like to reminisce old stories and creating new funny ones.

This blog was even once a runner up in an award giving body. Still, the best part is when people ask me how funny they find a post and how easy to introduce friends to each other by just referring to their stories that each other have read.

It’s nice to visit the past once in awhile and treasure them forever.

Until the next thousand… Cheers!

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Last Text

Back in college, a female classmate was crying and told me, “Orlee, nag-text ‘yung boyfriend ko. ‘Di n’ya na raw ako i-te-text. Sorry raw. Huling text n’ya na raw ‘to,” while showing her phone to me.
I didn’t expect it. She was happy with that relationship and I am shocked by the turn of events. “Haah? Bakit daw?”
“Di ko alam.” She was really sad.

After two hours, she was laughing at herself and told us, “Naubusan lang pala s’ya ng load!”

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Noong Araw

I’ve heard that back then, rich college students used to work in fastfood restaurants as a part-timer just for the heck of it. They don’t need the money just the experience.

I didn’t really know about this so I wanted to verify. I asked my friends during one dinner, “Noong araw ba?….”
Bing immediately looked up and answered, “Oh!? Noong araw? Ako makakasagot n’yan. Yes?”

The Dinner

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Piso Na Lang Concert Na

The DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – DASMARIÑAS CHORALE was my college glee club. We used to have concerts twice a year (one minor and one major concert). I particularly remembered one minor concert where it was entitled “Piso Na Lang Concert Na.”

It was conceived because we used to have a catch phrase Piso Na Lang back in our college days. Like if  a travel to a certain place took too long, one choirmate would say, “Layo ah! Piso na lang Japan na.”

Price of the ticket was Php 49.00 (concerts were usually priced at Php 50.00). When the group decided to make the title Piso Na Lang Concert Na, we knew we have to be prepared for the next problem: Saan kukuha ng mga pisong panukli!

“Piso Na Lang Concert Na”


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Philippine Jeepneys

While hanging out with my choirmates at a coffee shop last night, one interesting topic we have talked about was introduced by Fermel, “Guys, naranasan n’yo na bang hindi magbayad sa Jeep?”
We all answered yes.

This reminded us of how many jeepney memories we have back in our Jeepney-riding days (for the obvious reason that Dubai has no Jeeps):

  1. Fermel shared that he used to sit right behind the driver so that he’ll be the one handing the fees from the back side, “Manong bayad daw. Manong bayad daw. Manong bayad.”
  2. When you have a sukli and the driver has forgotten (or purposely forgets) to give it back. Yung tipong mag-iipon ka ng lakas ng loob kasi nakakahiyang isigaw na, “Manong. Yung sukli pong 1.50 ng 5 piso?”
  3. I remembered this one joke in Chico Garcia’s blog: “Manong para po sa may kambing!” When the goat started running, the driver followed it until it stopped. The angry passenger screamed, “Bakit n’yo po nilampas?” Driver answered, “Sabi mo sa may kambing.” More funny Strange Fruit Jeepney moments here.

How we miss riding the King of Philippine Roads.


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