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900th Funny Side

Top 10 funniest of the past 100 posts.

10. Z30
09. Tuason / Tuazon
08. Bass Overload
07. Nanay’s April
06. Akap at Indayog
05. Square Canteen Incident
04. OFW Discount
03. Immigrant Mom
02. Future American Citizen
01. Facebook Kulitan


Blackberry Dream

“Orlee, AED 1,200 lang oh! May Blackberry unit na,” Zinnia screamed searching online.
“Gusto mo hati tayo? Sa office lang naman natin gagamitin ‘yan eh. Fb-fb saka Twitter lang naman. Tig-600 lang tayo. Ako sa umaga, ikaw sa hapon,” I answered.
“Nag-OFW pa tayo kung mag-hahati lang tayo sa Blackberry.”

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Bing’s Hell: Story After

Bing was in the Philippines when I posted this blogpost on her facebook wall.
After she returned to her RAK flat, she noticed that her flatmates were ignoring her up to the point of being rude. Snobbing her everytime.
She received a call from her friends, “Bing, bin-log ka ni Orlee ah.”
“San mo nakita?” she asked.
“Nasa facebook wall mo.”
“Naku!” she screamed, “Friends ko kaya sa facebook ang mga flatmate ko!”

Kaya pala ‘di nila ako pinapansin.

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