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Early Orlee

Whenever I have a gig or a concert, I would always ask my boss that I need to come home early from office.
“Why, Orlee?” she would ask.
“I have a show with my choir.”

My colleague and team mate, Sharad, had a realization. He told me, “Orlee, you know what? I need to join these choir group things. So that our boss can also allow me to come home early.”

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Crazy Word

My Indian colleagues taught me some dirty Indian words. One was “Chutiya” which means crazy.

So when I kept referring to Sharad, the one who taught me, “Chutiya, come here…”,  “Thanks, Chutiya…”  and things like that he finally told me the story of Latshiva.

Latshiva was a god who gave a right to a steward to kill anyone, anything, anytime. When the steward decided to kill Latshiva himself, Latshiva saw that there was a loophole in his rules. 

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked Sharad.
“Because I was the one who taught you these words and you are using it on me,” he answered.
“So what are you saying?” I had to ask.
“Don’t tell me these. To others, you can but not to me, ok?” he wanted me to affirm.
“Ok… Chutiya.”

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Sleep Pray

“Orlee, don’t sleep!” Sharad, my colleague, told me while trying to close my eyes in front of my computer.
“I’m not sleeping!” I told him back, “I’m praying.”
“Oh. Sorry…” he answered sincerely.

After a few hours, he caught me again trying to snooze but this time it was obvious that I was sleeping as my posture gave it away.
“I was praying.”
“Don’t say that. Don’t give me that. You’re obviously sleeping.”
“That’s how WE pray.”

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Sharad, my Indian colleague asked, “Orlee, why do you write like that? I cannot understand.”
It is a known fact that I quite move quikcly at work and it doesn’t differ in the way I write so I have a tendency to write illegibly.

“Ummm…. That’s how we write. Filipinos write that way.”
He thought for a moment and answered, “I can read Zinnia’s hand writing but yours are really bad.”

“Dinamay mo pa ang buong bansa sa panget mong sulat,” Zinnia said after I told her the story.


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