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Lent Sacrifice

Every year, the Catholic Church encourages us to have a “Lent Sacrifice” where we let go our earthly habits in order to remember our Lord’s own sacrifice for the whole lent period (roughly 40 days). This is the same as fasting from food but it could be anything from not eating sweets (my sacrifice last year) to logging off from Facebook (a friend’s sacrifice).

This year, Mitch is trying REAL HARD to stay away from coffee while I promised to not eat in-between meals. Ronald swore that he will be good during this period and not discriminate against people. Usually we would hear something like, “Ang baho nitong katabi ko,” or the usual “Ang baduy ni kuya.”

Last week, we were watching THE WALKING DEAD when he accidentally uttered that a pair of characters are good for each other, “Bagay yang dalawang yan…”
“Bakit!?” We wide-eyed asked him. We knew he was about to trash talk both characters.
“Kasi… ummm… Pareho silang matapang saka mabait.”


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Run To You

Last Thurday, Ronald got bored and ran to her girlfriends house. It’s healthy, inexpensive and kills boredom. The only problem? It’s from Deira to Jaffiliya! That’s an hours ran away.
We were impressed when we learned about it.


I suggested to Atong, “Takbo rin tayo sa girlfriend natin?” Mitch was living a floor away from me while his girlfriend, Chryzel, lives in Muhaisna (3 hours run away).
“No way!” he screamed.

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Biodegradable Burger

“Magkakaroon na ng Elevation Burger sa Al Ghurair (mall),” Ronald excitedly told us.
“Client namin yun,” I told everyone.
“Biodegradable ang burger nila,” he proudly told us.
“Baka naman ORGANIC?!” I sarcastically answered.
“Ay! Oo. Organic,” he stood corrected.

Elevation Burger

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The Car Accident Test

1495550_10202899864000331_252867727_nFriday evening, the day after the accident, I told my friends, “Alam n’yo after nung accident and masettle ko na lahat, dun ko lang naisip na, swerte pa rin ako: Kasi usually lobat phone ko, pero that morning hindi. May load din sa card. May gas pa rin ako. Minsan running on empty na ako. Tapos may cash ako sa wallet kasi minsan talaga barya lang laman ng wallet ko. Kasi may kotse naman bakit ako magdadala ng cash lagi. Ayun naging pambayad ng towing service.”
“Parang kinakailangan mo talaga ma-experience,” Atong and Ronald told me.
“Siguro talagang nakalagay na yung test na yun for me. Kasi tinest talaga yung lakas ko to be alone that morning,” I told them.
“Yung tipong, sabi ni Lord: ok ang load, wallet and gas ni Orlee, ngayon ko na ibibigay yung test sa kanya,” Ronald said.
I suddenly became quiet.
Atong screamed, “Naaay! Iiyak!”

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Yesterday, Ronald was reading the requirements for a Filipino to have a problem-free exit from the Philippine Immigration going to Dubai to me and Atong. He got the list from his friend. 

“Tol requirements for tourism:,” he was reading off his Facebook inbox.
“1. Authenticated affidavit of support from a relative within the 4th civil degree of CONSANGINUALITY/affinity duly certified by the phillipine embassy/ consulate in the country of destination.
2. Copy of sponsor’s passport bio-page, visa and POEA clearance or OEC (if sponsor is an OFW) sponsor.
3. Original NSO issue birth/marriage certificate of all persons connecting passenger to the sponsor.
4. If former OFW, bring a copy of the latest OEC or POEA information sheet.”

Atong stopped him, “Ano? Consanginuality? CONSANGUINITY!”
“Hala!? Mali ba?” Ronald asked, “Binasa ko pa naman ng dahan dahan para maintindihan n’yo.”
“Ano yun beauty contest ng mga kamag-anak?” I sarcastically asked him.
“CONSANGINUALITY — Consaguinity,” 



Tatlong Itlog

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Tag Lhuillier

74643_527148420642699_513289340_nWhen we overheard, a friend’s friend say, ‘Ang sosyal naman ng mga kaibigan mo,’ we have discussed, “Sino kaya sa atin ang nakitaan nun ng pagiging sosyal?”

“Hindi kami yun,” I told everyone, “Kasi nakita na kami nun dati wala namang sinabing ganun,” The only new guy with us was Ronald.
“Naks naman, Nald! Sosyal ka na pala!” Someone exclaimed.
“Bakit kaya ako sasabihang sosyal? Dahil ba suot ko ang Tag Lhuillier ko?” he asked himself outloud.
“HAUER. Hindi ito Pawnshop.”

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Extreme – Climax – Momentum

377201_10201015186124562_2033774191_nDuring our trip to Yas Waterworld…

“Pagod na ako,” Ronald shared.
“Eh di pahinga muna,” Ness told him.
“Ayoko, mawawala yung extreme ko,” Ronald shared.
“Anong extreme??? Climax!!!” Ness corrected him.
At this point, Bing was only listening but cannot contain herself, “Momentum! Mali kayo pareho!”

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