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Tweet of the Week: Expensive Swimsuit

Saw this yesterday morning:

“Bibili ka ng mahal na swimsuit, iihian mo lang naman. – wise words from my Tita (Mimi).”


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Tweet of the Week: Legs vs Ass

My niece tweeted this:

Me: nakakainis kayo, ang hahaba ng legs niyo. Ba’t ako lang panget legs!?
Pong: ok lang yan, baka kasi ikaw lang malaki pwet.

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Pitch Perfect

My niece, @zumipau tweeted, “Ang ingay ng kapatid ko. Sarap sapakin!”…

And then followed it with another, “Bwisit na pitch perfect yan.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 10.07.05 AM

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Small Sensei

Since Paula is now studying Japanese, which Aki is already very fluent in, she asks her little cousin for help.
So whenever there’s an assignment, the 17 year old asks the 8 year old, “Aki, tara na. Gagawin na natin yung assignment ko.”

Aki and Paula

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Weird Nieces

“Weird ng mga pamangkin mo ano?” A friend once told me, “Well, kanino pa ba sila magmamana?”

Come to think of it, they are right:

This is the latest installment on my nieces’ weirdness… and I love them for being weird like their uncle.

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Paula as a Girlfriend

Chico, Paula’s boyfriend, picked her up yesterday.
While waiting for Paula to come down, Ate Mimi and I were able to interview the young lad.

Ate Mimi: Kamusta?
Chico: Mabuti po.
Me: Kamusta namang girlfriend si Paula?
Chico: (smiled) Ok naman po.
Ate Mimi: Hindi ba sya maarte?
Me: Hindi ba sya clingy? Demanding? Self conscious? Hindi tinatanong kung mataba na sya?
Chico: Ok lang naman po.
Paula (we didn’t realize she entered): Anong ginagawa nyo!?

Chico and Paula

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Graduation Gift

“iPad na lang ibibigay namin sa pamangkin ko para sa graduation n’ya,” I told my Dubai buddies. Tem and I decided to give Paula a new iPad.
“iPad!? Ang yaman!” Bing screamed.
“Samantalang ako…” Atong shared, “Ang natanggap ko nuon… Isang pack lang ng brief. Pagkababang-pagkababa pa ng stage.”
“Kawawa ka naman…” we all agreed.

Here’s the screaming Paula with her new toy.

The presentation of the gift.

Can’t wait?

It’s not an underwear! 🙂


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