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Lent Sacrifice

Every year, the Catholic Church encourages us to have a “Lent Sacrifice” where we let go our earthly habits in order to remember our Lord’s own sacrifice for the whole lent period (roughly 40 days). This is the same as fasting from food but it could be anything from not eating sweets (my sacrifice last year) to logging off from Facebook (a friend’s sacrifice).

This year, Mitch is trying REAL HARD to stay away from coffee while I promised to not eat in-between meals. Ronald swore that he will be good during this period and not discriminate against people. Usually we would hear something like, “Ang baho nitong katabi ko,” or the usual “Ang baduy ni kuya.”

Last week, we were watching THE WALKING DEAD when he accidentally uttered that a pair of characters are good for each other, “Bagay yang dalawang yan…”
“Bakit!?” We wide-eyed asked him. We knew he was about to trash talk both characters.
“Kasi… ummm… Pareho silang matapang saka mabait.”


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