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Cheese sa Ibabaw!? OMG!

So funny…

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Chicken Run

Yesterday morning, I tweeted this…

Obviously that was a mistake as some of my friends thought it was true: It’s real that we are running 5k for Red Crescent but we are not holding a bucket full of chicken while running. Here’s how it went via BBM.

Estela:  How any chicken did you consume while running?? Hehe
Freida:  Hahaha! Parang and weird lang talaga ng run na to.
Orlee:  Weird dahil fastfood and host? Oo. Weird.
Freida:  Hindi naman kaya. Di ba running promotes healthy lifestyle tapes may hawk ng bucket ng chicken. Hehe!
Estela:  Ilan pcs of chicken? Sayo after ng run?
Orlee:  Ay naku! Joke lang yung may hawak na bucket! Hahaha!
Estela: Hala! Nakwento na ni freida sa head office. Hahaha.


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