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Spoiler Free Social Media

Kat, my colleague, and I religiously read and watch the Game of Thrones / A Song of Fire and Ice.

During our lunch time, the same day as the airing of season five’s finale (Mother’s Mercy), we wanted to avoid any spoilers so we kept off Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We just ate our food and told each other, “Ang boring pala kapag walang social media.”
“Wala,” I answered, “Kain lang tayo.”

She then screamed, “Orlee! LinkedIn! Wala naman sigurong spoiler dun.”

A few minutes later, “Kat, oh! May opening ng trabaho…”


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Elevation Burger, one of our clients, offered an Iftar Treat to our company last Thursday.
We saw a few colleagues there but most who availed the treat were the Filipinos. Since it was rare to be invited for an Iftar Dinner, we had fun with it.

Their burgers are very tasty and since it was free, some of us ordered the 10-patty Vertigo Burger.


Some of us ordered all the toppings for which Kat was abled to taste some of the delicious toppings. Unfortunately, the toppings were under the patties.
“Ang sarap nung toppings sa ilalim!” she screamed.
“Kat, bottomings tawag pag nasa bottom.”


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