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Big Ass Fonts

Big ass fontsNanay was not used to a touchscreen phone but when Tem bought a new iPhone 5s, her old iPhone (3?) had nowhere to go but to be handed down to her.

“Nung una ayaw pa ni Nanay,” Tem told me, “Pero nung natutunan n’ya unti-unti, nasanay na rin naman na.”

Last time I peered over Nanay’s phone, I saw this big ass fonts. I laughed but realized, “Hey! It works.”

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Catbert on the Prawl

Catbert did it again.

“Orlee, do you know how to delete all the contacts in my iPhone? I accidentally added all the old contacts from another app.”
“I don’t know how,” I answered.
“Useless,” she told me sarcastically, “Oh, the new girl has an iPhone maybe she knows.”
“Maybe. Ask her.”

She approached the new girl and I heard her say, “Do you know how delete all the contacts from your iPhone?”
New girl answered, “Let me see.”
“Delete all your contacts and show me.”

CATBERT on the lose!

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Tem’s New iPhone

I called my sister, I wanted to hear about the news that she just bought a new iPhone.
“Hello?” I opened.
“Hello?” she answered.
“Hello?” she said, “Hello?”
“Hello?” I was getting crossed, “Hello?” and I dropped it.

After a few minutes, she called back, “Hello?”
“Hello!?” I screamed.
“Kuya!” she replied, “Sorry may plastic pa pala kanina…”

Her new iPhone

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Farewell Alpha Nerd: Steve Jobs

Ness woke up to the sad news that bombarded cyberspace yesterday morning, “Steve Jobs is dead.”

Anj told her this even after she already read the tweets first thing she opened her eyes, “Patay na si Steve Jobs.”
“Oo nga,” she answered not knowing who this STEVE JOBS was.

On her way to work she thought to herself, “Saan kayng bansa presidente si Steve Jobs? Leader kasi nakalagay sa mga tweets.”  We laughed so hard but deep inside, I felt the sadness. #iSad… He was somehow a hero for me. An alpha nerd as you may put it.

I’ve summarized below the links about all things Apple on my blog for Steve…

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iPhone Wish

“Bakit ba kasi nangako ka ng iPhone sa mga bata?” I asked ate Richie. She has promised our nieces that she’ll give them iPhones for Christmas but when she realized how expensive a unit is priced, she told them that she can’t.
“Eh kasi naman ‘di ko naman alam na ganun pala kamahal ‘yun!” she answered.
“Kasi kasi kasi!”
“Si Aki ang una kong tinanong, after mapanood ko ‘yung video n’ya, naawa na ako. Kasi parang mahiyain na s’ya…

…Ang hinihiling n’ya lang ‘dress’. Simpleng simple. Akala ko ang mga baluga sa Cavite eh dress lang din ang hihilingin… Aba iPhone daw!”

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