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Kulangot Autocorrect

My Z10 has an autocorrection to words frequently used on a conversation. One particular instance this worked, it was really funny…

When Joean and Hans, our Frankfurt hosts in 2012, told us they want to visit Dubai, we prepared a comprehensive tour plan.
Since all of the other Dubai friends were at work on a Saturday, only Ronald and I were able to tour them around the city.
Atong was asking over Blackberry, “Nag-eenjoy sila?”
“Oo, kulangot ang oras,” I replied.
“Sorry autocorrect sa mga words na madalas gamitin,” I told afterwards.
“Alam na kung ano mas madalas i-type,” Atong answered.


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Future Talk

skype-iphone-germanyA colleague has a long distance boyfriend and chats regularly on Skype. The boyfriend lives in Germany.
“Ano pinag-uusapan nyo?” we asked her. 
“Mga future na usapan. Ganun,” she answered.
“Mga robot? Mga lumilipad na kotse?” I asked. 
“Natawa naman ako dun, Orlee,” Z answered.

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German Thanks

‘Thank You’ in German is ‘Danke Schon’.

After paying a cab in Frankfurt, I told the driver, “Duncan Sheik.”
“Mali!” Anj screamed.
I laughed when I realized that I told him a pop singers name.

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