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Airing the Laundry

After moving out from our old flat, Ronald and I now live across Burn‘s new flat (over a parking lot and a 4-lane road). We can do Morse code by blinking our room lights.

Me: Maglagay tayo ng dalawang latang may tali!
Ronald: Hello!? Celphone!?

Everyday we would see clothes hanging on Burn’s balcony. It’s as if she doesn’t have time to collect and store them. Ronald said, “Mukhang maraming nakatira sa kanila oh. Di nauubos ang sampay. Mukhang laging may naglalaba.”

When Burn visited us 2 days ago, I told her this and asked her, “Di ba hindi naman? Wala ka lang talagang aparador na pagtataguan ng mga damit?”

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Bing created a fake facebook account for Burn. She agreed to use it so that she can still connect with friends even on a false name. (Creating a fake account will not be reasoned out here: Ask Burn yourself want to know)

When Burn’s fake birthday came up, everybody told her, “Happy Birthday!”; she just shrugged it off: It’s not her birthday, people!
Bing called her that day, “Birthday mo ba talaga?”
“Ate Bing, Hello!?” she screamed, “Ikaw kaya ang gumawa ng fake kong account?!”

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In the flat, when someone helps Ronald with the cooking, that person would always boast the thing that he or she did.

Cook“Oh ako ang nag-saing,” Julius would say.
“Wow, sarap naman ng saing mo,” I would answer.

“Oh si Bing ang naghalo ng ulam,” Ronald would say.
“Wow Bing! Galing naman ng pagkakahalo mo,” I would say.

So when Ronald said, “Oh si Burn ang nag-hiwa n’yang baboy.”
I would obviously say, “Burn, sarap naman ng hiwa mo.”

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