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Suit of Error

Ronald and Atong decided to send their respective wedding suits in my balikbayan box in order to refrain from carrying these when they come home.
I specifically told Tem, “Tem yung mga suit kina Ronald at Atong yun ha. Yung kay Tatay bibitbitin ko palang.”

When the box arrived, Tem was upstairs but can hear nanay and tatay discussion downstairs.
Nanay: Eto na pala yung box!
Tatay: Nasan suit ko?
Nanay: Eto suit mo oh. Sukatin mo nga.

Tem immediately jumped and screamed in the staircase, “Hindi ho sa inyo yang suit! Kina kuya Ronald yan!”

Nanay: Hubad! Hubad!
Tatay: Kaya pala masikip.


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Balikbayan ni Kabayan

“Ipapadala ko na tong mga damit na ‘to sa nanay ko, kasi di ko na ginagamit,” Ronald told me while putting old things on his balikbayan box.
After looking at his stash, I  found an office dress shirt –my office dress shirt, “Ano ‘to?”
“Di ko na ‘yan sinusuot.”
“Di mo talaga sinusuot kasi akin ‘to!”
“Akala ko akin na matagal ko nang ‘di ginagamit!”


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Madayang Balikbayan Box

As the cliche-ic saying goes, “Change is the only thing constant in this world” or something like that.
In Dubai, “Moving around from one flat to another” is the constant thing for Filipinos. I’ve been here in Dubai for only 13 months and I have moved into 3 flats already.

My latest move was when MJ left our trio, so Ronald and I were stuck with each other.
“Napakarami mo kasing gamit kaya ‘di tayo makapag bedspace,” I told Ronald.
“Eh walang magagawa, ganun talaga,” he answered, “Pero ipapadala ko na rin ang mga luma kong gamit sa Nanay ko sa Pinas para kumonti naman.”

A few days later, a big balikbayan box was being filled in our room, he was collecting all his old stuff and was about to send it. He was browsing thru my clothes when he asked, “Ginagamit mo pa ba ‘to?”
“Hindi na,” I answered. Then I realized, “Bakit!?”
“Ipapadala ko na sa mga kapatid ko sa Pinas.”
“At bakit!? Damit mo ba ‘yan?”
“Eh hindi mo nanaman ginagamit eh,” he answered.
“Kahit na! Bakit mo ipapadala ang luma kong damit sa mga kapatid mo?”
“Pampuno sana, EH DI HUWAG!

The day before he sent the box, mostly old stuff, he went out and gone to the grocery.
“Ano bibilhin mo?” I asked him.
“Chocolates saka mga grocery items, ilalagay ko sa ibabaw ng kahon.”
“Napakadaya mo naman!” I told him, “Pagbukas ng kahon ng nanay mo matutuwa kasi puro chocolate tapos paghalukay n’ya sa ilalim puro lumang gamit.”
“Hindi naman!”


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