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Ayoko na sa London

Preparing to tour the city on our 2nd day in the UK, Mitch took time dressing up – layer after layer of clothes.

When she was finally zipping her boots on top of her thermal socks which is over the thermal leggings, she uttered, “AYOKO NA DITO SA LONDON.”
“Bakit? ” I asked.
“Andaming patong ng damit.”

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Whenever he sees the word AAWWWW on whoever replies to him, Ronald would hear the scream of the Sex Bomb Dancers.

“May sakit ako.”

“Miss na kita.”

“May problema sa branch.”

He confronted Atong, because he cannot take it anymore, “Atong, tignan mo tong mga reply ni Bing. Aww! sya ng Aww! Para syang aso.”
“Hind yan ‘Awww!’ Ano yan “Awwww” na parang naaawa,” Atong replied.

We all laughed hearing this.


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Sosyal Fallback

I told my highschool friends, “Nag-apply na kami for our UK trip… Pagbagsak kami sa visa application dun baka mag-Brazil na lang kami,” because Brazil has no visa requirements for Filipinos.
“Ang sosyal naman ng back up plan n’yo,” Arlyn commented, “Brazil! Kami nga Batangas lang pangarap namin eh.”


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Oman Music Video

10584045_10203437045000265_2404739366882150189_nIt is now a known fact that whenever we go out of town or have a special event, I would make a music video after the occasion. Hence, when we went to Oman, it was necessary that we order our barkada to dance… in the middle of Muscat streets.

One particular dance sequence, embarrassed the hell out of me that I myself asked them, “And CUT! Tama na! Nakakahiya.”

Here’s the end product:


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Boracay Explanation

10245511_487921091330070_567022426_nWalking down the sandy shores of Boracay is quite a treat: the powdery white sand, the picturesque scenery, the clear water, the bright sun, the coconut trees swaying in the wind and the unending, “SirMam, Parasailing?! Banana boat ride? Island hopping?”

There are two ways of dealing with these businessmen: You ignore them and pretend you’re foreign or explain to them, ‘Ayoko po / Tapos na po.’
I choose the former and Mitch would prefer the latter.
“Hon, don’t explain,” I told her, “Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.”

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Thor sa Kenya

The weekend before we went to Kenya, Atong, Mitch and I were booked to see Thor: Dark World.
“Excited na ako mag Thor mamaya,” Atong said.
“Bukas pa ang tour sa Kenya hindi mamaya,” Mitch corrected.
“Thor! Hindi Tour! Thor sa Kenya!? Hahaha!” Atong laughed.


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Mga Hayup!

Maasai MaraWhile doing our Kenyan Animal Safari at Maasai Mara…

“Hayup!” I screamed at the Wildebeest.
“Panget,” Atong screamed at the Hyena.
“Mga hayop kayong lahat!”
“Kahayupan ang alam nyo.”
“Hayop! Hayop! Animal!” We kept screaming.

Mitch finally told us, “Huwag n’yo naman isigaw na ganun. Parang napaka-offensive.”
“Hon, hayop naman talaga sila.”

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