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The Case of the Unknown Sausage

sausage-424277Mercy brought some sausages from Germany and she wanted her Filipino colleagues to taste the famous Deutsche meat product.
“Sige iiwan ko lang sa personal cupboard yung sausage. Kuha na lang kayo,” she told Gem and Dok.

After a few hours, both have confirmed eating the sausage, “Thanks, Mercy! Masarap sya.”

Mercy wanted to bring home her lunch box so she was shocked to find that lunch pack still has the sausages there.
“Sure kayo sausage yung kinain n’yo?” Mercy asked Gem.
“Yung may mashed potato?”
“Hindi! Sausage lang yun!”

They asked the whole office but no one admitted that it’s theirs. All were laughing at this funny mistake.

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