Goodbye 2014: A Summary

30 Dec

2014 was a year full of challenges. Mitch’s board exam, Nanay’s operation, marriage proposal and other additional responsibilities. I fought but never gave up. Some were fulfilling while other battles are still being fought.

I can summarize the past year with a few of hashtags that just pops on my mind. #OrChelleYes #London #Barcelona #Amsterdam #Belgium #Marclee #CVCCouncil #Marathon #ArkiMitch #Nanay60th #BoracayForever. Here’s the thing, though, hashtags will trend but the memories will last forever.

As for Funny Side Up, here’s just a few blogs that I find memorable from this year. Enjoy!

10. United States of Mimi
09. Will You…
08. Batang Api
07. Atong: Ikea Model
06. Wedding Gift for Rollie
05. Groom’s Good Man
04. RemitTEMce
03. Anonymous Text
02. 6 Hours Making Up
01. Food Tasting Nanay

See you on the other side! 2015 here we come!



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