Donde Est Parc Guel

28 Nov

After our trip to Sagrada Familia, we wanted to see other Antonio Gaudi creations. First thing in mind was Parc Guel.

Since most of the Filipino words that we use are lent words from Spanish. We managed to understand locals when we speak to them.
Thanks to “Donde Esta Santa Claus – Oh Where is Santa Claus song, we knew that ‘where is’ is ‘Donde Esta’,”

After coming out of the metro and walking a few yards and still cannot find the park, we had to ask one local girl, “Donde Est Parc Guel?”
For which she answered, “Dos cantos derecho… eh arriba.”

I translated to Mitch, Atong and Ronald, “After two streets, takbo tayo ng mabilis pakanan!”
After reaching the second street, I grabbed Mitch and ran the steep street, “Dali takbo, Hon! Arriba daw.”

We managed to reach the park after walking the “Arriba street” and taking a bus.

10814190_10153338361704325_247549496_n 10815842_10153338361689325_1595514888_n 10818565_10153338361694325_2003372272_n

Coming back to the hotel, we googled, “Arriba: To ascend.”
“Paakyat pala ibig sabihin ng arriba!”
We all laughed.

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