Pudy Ann Santos

18 Nov

2 weeks ago, Aries treated us for dinner in Agemono. Our homes do not have TFC so when the restaurant flashed the International Filipino Channel, all eyes were on it.

The new Christmas station ID have all the ABS-CBN Stars, including Judy Ann Santos: Judai if you’re feeling informal.
I kiddingly said, “Uy! Si Pudy Ann!”
Atong laughed and got the joke.
Our table slowly heard the joke as Atong retold it, “Kung ang Judy Ann ay Judai. Ano nickname ni Pudy Ann?”
Finally when it was Rollie’s turn to tell it to his new wife, Len, the joke he decided against it.
“Huwag n’yo sasabihin kay Len. Pag di nya alam isisigaw n’ya pa lalo,” he told us.

Since he didn’t wanna tell the joke, Atong told it to Len. Len screamed (the jokes answer here). “(Answer)!? Ano yun!?” she screamed loudly.
We all laughed and hushed her.
“Tama ka nga, Rollie. Isisigaw nya nga.”


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