Ruby’s Audition

05 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.54.41 PMWe are in full Audition Season in our choir this month. There were those who made it and some were part of the unlucky bunch. One particular passer struck me a chord because of her witty remarks on her audition.
Joy, our musical director asked her, “Ok, among kakantahin mo sa amin, Ruby?”
“We Are One po, yung Alto part,” she shyly said.
“We Are One?” Joy asked. Then somebody sung, “This song is hard to sing…”
“Ay! Wag na lang po yan kase alam n’yo po…” we laughed hysterically, “Kasi baka malaman nyo po yung mga mali…”
We laughed again.
“Sige ano na lang?” Joy asked.
“Gaya na lang po ng kay kuya (referring to the early auditioner).”
“Ano yun?”
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” she answered.
“ALAM DIN NAMIN YAN!” we all screamed while laughing.


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