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Wash Out

After not seeing Rob and Dianne for 4 months. They have commented that Atong and I have grown big. We have been going to the gym religiously for 2 months now.

“Ang laki n’yo agad,” Rob commented.
“Thanks,” we answered.
“Pero dapat pahinga rin kayo ng konti sa protein. Mag wash out kayo para malinis ang liver,” he suggested.
“Hoooh! Ayaw mo lang malampasan ka namin eh,” I told him.
“Feeling ko nga,” Dianne answered, “Hindi ka naman nag-wa-washout eh. Ayaw n’ya lang siguro malampasan,” she added.
We all laughed after that.


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Spotting in My Dream

After office, I see to it that I immerse myself to physical fitness.
And immerse I did as apparently, even in my dreams I am spotting for someone in the gym.
Ronald, my roommate, told me, “Nagsasalita ka nanaman kagabi.”
“Anong sabi ko?”
“Sabi mo: ‘Ok kaya mo yan… 1, 2, 3, 4…'”

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.21.27 AM

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Mitch and I have an inside joke. I now use ‘Rhabjee’ when I wanted to thank her. Here’s why.

“Hon, sabay ka sa amin papunta Reef Mall. Mga  tayo aalis,” I told her.
“Ok hon, Rhabjee,” she replied.
‘Rhabjee?’ I asked myself. Is that a new word that she learnt today? Some Hindi word maybe?
I googled, “Meaning of ‘Rhabjee'” and found nothing.


Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.44.29 AM

Being a grammar freak that I am I had to know.
When I met her, I asked her, “Hon, ano yung Rhabjee?”
“Typo lang yun. Thankee lang ang tinype ko.”

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I have always heard about a certain place called Nuvali. I see friends drop by to this particular place just to visit the parks and enjoy the cool breeze.
All this time I thought it was somewhere in Quezon City as most of these ‘friends’ who go there are from QC.

Last night, while talking about Nuvali, Dianne has said, “Ang daan kasi papuntang Nuvali eh papunta nang Tagaytay…”
I was shocked. I know my Tagaytay-Cavite-Laguna area. I’m Mr. South of Manila so I gotta ask, “Tagaytay? Nuvali??”
“Oo,” she answered, “Sa may Sta Rosa (Laguna).”
“Saan ba akala mo ang Nuvali?” Atong and Ronald asked.
“Sa QC… Nuvali… Akala ko Novaliches ‘yun.”
They laughed and asked, “Bakit mo naman naisip na QC?”
“Kasi may Boni – Boni Avenue, the Fort – Fort Santiago. So akala ko pina-sosyal na Novaliches yun. Nuvali.”


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