Let’s Make Nanay Cry

06 Apr

10007040_10152722079504325_379220612613129510_nPaula, my niece, joined me in my Boracay trip with my Dubai friends.
We had a really good Tito-Pamangkin Bonding Time. We even sat side-by-side on the plane going back to NAIA and talked about her future plans.
It was a memorable trip for both of us.

The day after our trip, we ate at Savory at The District Imus with the whole family (or whoever was left). After that lunch event, “Tito, pupunta ako sa Makati with my friends.”
Nanay, the cry baby of our family,  was listening.
“Ok. See you later. Flight ko na bukas kaya see you later,” I told her.
“Tito, tomorrow na ako uuwi. 9AM,” She answered. My flight was 8:30 AM.
“Hala!” I answered, “Pau, gusto mo paiyakin nation Lola mo?”
“Sige! Tito!”

Nanay was looking at us… and we upped the game.
“Bye Pau!” I told her as if crying.
“Bye Titow!” she hugged me.
“See you next year,” I told her.

Nanay looked at us… and cried!


Evil son and granddaughter.

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