Sound Engineer Offense

12 Jan

We sang at St. Mary’s Family Festival last Thursday. We were supposed to wear our CVC shirts but it was so cold that we all wore our coats over it.
When we were about to go on stage we removed our coats last minute and I suddenly hit the sounds engineer guy on the shoulders. He was a big Caucasian guy with tattoos and piercings.

“I’m sorry,” I told him.
“You will be.. in a minute,” he got back.
“Whoa!” I told him but he ignored this as he was busy. He seemed pissed.
Mabel heard this and asked, “WHAT DID HE SAY?” but we were about to go on stage.

I was mad. We are not used to this type of rudeness in Dubai. I also just met a car accident that morning so I was really not emotionally stable.
I shrugged it off because it was the church compound and I am representing our group –  going for this guy will be bad rep for us and will be dubbed as unchristian-like . (Plus it has been 3 months since I went to the gym and that he was bigger than me). takot ko lang

The performance was bad, just like every year (because the audience are hearing a lot of other things go on in the compound plus  the sound system was horrible (not boom microphones).

Kaya pala ‘We will be sorry in a minute’ kasi papangitan nya ang sound system.” I concluded.


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