Car Accident!

12 Jan

They say ring in the new year with a bang and the events of 9th January holds true to that.

I was involved in a three way accident. I was sandwiched by a pick up truck and a 90s sedan type of car. It was very fortunate that no driver was harmed. I wish I could say the same for our cars but it was very bad. Basha was hit the worst, the axle of the wheels were not aligned and the front bumper fell off.

I took this photo and sent to my friends to keep them update:


In the evening, I asked Mitch how she felt at the moment.
“Natakot ako. I wanted to call you pero syempre alam ko busy ka with the police and all. Saka mas kakausapin mo yung mga may alam sa mga kotse issues,” she answered.
“Pero ano initial reaction mo?”
“Worried ako, kasi alam ko nangyari kay Basha pero ikaw naman, wala naman kaming idea.”
“Hindi ba FACT na yung nagsend ako ng picture means ok na ako?” I asked her.
“Malay ko ba kung gumagapang ka na sa kalsada tapos may dugo sa noo habang kinukunan mo si Basha,” she smilingly answered. She knew she was not getting away with that explanation.
“Mag-se-selfie pa ba ako sa kalsada kung gumagapang na ako? Di ko na rin makukuhanan si Basha nun.” My imagination was running wild: Imagine me crawling on the road side and aiming to take a shot at Basha from that angle.


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