19 Oct

Yesterday, Ronald was reading the requirements for a Filipino to have a problem-free exit from the Philippine Immigration going to Dubai to me and Atong. He got the list from his friend. 

“Tol requirements for tourism:,” he was reading off his Facebook inbox.
“1. Authenticated affidavit of support from a relative within the 4th civil degree of CONSANGINUALITY/affinity duly certified by the phillipine embassy/ consulate in the country of destination.
2. Copy of sponsor’s passport bio-page, visa and POEA clearance or OEC (if sponsor is an OFW) sponsor.
3. Original NSO issue birth/marriage certificate of all persons connecting passenger to the sponsor.
4. If former OFW, bring a copy of the latest OEC or POEA information sheet.”

Atong stopped him, “Ano? Consanginuality? CONSANGUINITY!”
“Hala!? Mali ba?” Ronald asked, “Binasa ko pa naman ng dahan dahan para maintindihan n’yo.”
“Ano yun beauty contest ng mga kamag-anak?” I sarcastically asked him.
“CONSANGINUALITY — Consaguinity,” 



Tatlong Itlog

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