The Tale of the Two Little Girls

14 Oct

Once upon a time, when they were younger, both Ate Riche and Ate Mimi used to cook meals for themselves. This was when Ate Richie was about in Grade 5 while ate Mimi was in Grade 3.

One day, Nanay gave them Php 10 to buy ingredients from a local Sari-sari Store. Ate Richie gave the money to Ate Mimi and told her to buy the necessary food items.

After an hour, Ate Mimi came back home… Crying.
“ATE RICHIE!” she cried.
“Ano nangyari sa’yo?” Little Richie asked.
“Lagot ka sa Nanay! Pangkain natin yun!” Richie cried.
“O sige na,” Richie thought of a bright idea, “Tahan na. Di ko na sasabihin sa Nanay. Basta ba sa loob ng isang buwan, lahat ng utos sa akin ipapasa ko sa’yo.”

For a month, whenever somebody asked Ate Richie to, “Cook rice, fetch water, clean the shelves, buy something from the store,” she would always scream, “Minerva!”
Until she got fed up.

The end.


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