Ang Corny Naman ng Joke Mo!

13 Aug


After telling a joke, my girlfriend told me, “Ang corny naman ng joke mo,” after laughing from the joke herself.
I then told her, “Kapag nasabi mo yan ng di ka tumatawa, babayaran kita ng 100.”
we then agreed on the rules:
1. Look me straight in the eye.
2. Say “Ang corny naman ng joke mo” in the most poker face possible.
3. Count for 10 seconds before asking for the prize money.

She tried to catch me once.

Ronald, Mitch and I was in the mall last weekend.
I told both of them, “Samahan n’yo ako sa bookstore, bibili ako ng book.”
“Syempre! Alangan namang sa hardware,” Ronald sarcastically answered.
I saw Mitch’s face practicing her poker face.
Before she could even tell it, I stopped her and told her, “Hon, ‘di naman joke yun.”

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