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Hold Your Horses

Cathy, dali!?” I begged my friend / regular contact in one of the insurance companies that I regularly talk to.
“Wait! Hold on to your horses!” she replied.
“Hold. On. To. Your. Horses? Kakapit ako sa kabayo ko?” I asked while laughing.
“May nagsabi nyan dito sa client. Ginagaya ko lang.”




A few days ago, I showed Rollie Pinterest – a new social-networking platform.

It features a lot of architectural designs aside from your choice of “pins” on your preferred “boards”. People can follow people, books, movies or any other choice. Pinterest is a portmanteau of the words “pin” and “interest” and may sound funny to someone not familiar with it.

Today, Rollie asked me (via BBM), “Boi! Ano nga ba yung sinasabi mo sa aking may mga architecture design? Pentecost ba yun?”

I laughed my ass off.


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Gym Envy

“I envy whatever it is you’re going to do,” I told a colleague on her way out of the office at 5 wearing her gym attire. I have planned to sit late in the office.

“Die in vain!” she screamed.

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