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CVC on BBM: Uniform for Tomorrow

My choir’s Blackberry Messenger group’s discussion today… by the way the costume tomorrow is blue and white.

Arn:     Anong uniform tom??
Orlee:  A top as rich as royal and a pair of trousers as white as snow.
Arn:     Wow!!! Confidence! So orange and top???
Rollie:  Bakit sa calendar blue yun top? Bakit nagbago? Cno nagbago?
Kathy:  Light blue and girls
Ella:     Royal blue and boys, sky blue girls
Rollie:  Hay tokwa.. Si Arn pala ang nagsabi ng orange eh… So ang akala nya pala is royal as in Royal Tru Orange
Tina:   Napatawa ako ng malakas dun… Royal tru orange!
Mabel: Hahahahaha royal tru orange!!!

The Christian Voices Chorale

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