Paula as a Girlfriend

04 Apr

Chico, Paula’s boyfriend, picked her up yesterday.
While waiting for Paula to come down, Ate Mimi and I were able to interview the young lad.

Ate Mimi: Kamusta?
Chico: Mabuti po.
Me: Kamusta namang girlfriend si Paula?
Chico: (smiled) Ok naman po.
Ate Mimi: Hindi ba sya maarte?
Me: Hindi ba sya clingy? Demanding? Self conscious? Hindi tinatanong kung mataba na sya?
Chico: Ok lang naman po.
Paula (we didn’t realize she entered): Anong ginagawa nyo!?

Chico and Paula

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One response to “Paula as a Girlfriend

  1. pamela nagai

    April 7, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    hehehe….narinig kayo noh….


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