Scam Alert!

20 Mar

Nanay received a text claiming that she won Php 750,000 just reply to the sender that she has brought 5 Php 300 Prepaid loads.
Being the believer in luck that she is, Nanay bought the prepaid card and sent the load to this “Atty Ulupong”.
After sending 1 out of the 5 cards, she has received a reply, “Very good. Yung apat na lang po.”

Nanay asked Evelyn, our help, “Ano tayo tanga?”
“Sige ate,” Evelyn answered, “Akong bahala.” Then Evelyn sent the 2nd card but with jumbled numbers.

Atty. “Ulupong” called and asked, “Bakit po hindi gumagana?”
Then the bitch fest started, “Ano kami tanga?” “Attorney po ako, di po kayo naniniwala?”, etc.
This went on, and nanay held it, until the first Php 300 was used.

“Ayun! Yung sinend namin sa kanya naubos din nya.” *Snap

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Posted by on March 20, 2012 in It's All Relative, Observant


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