17 Mar

“Ano salita dito?” Ronald asked Atong and I. Our flight stopped over the Brunei capital.
“Bahasa,” I answered.
“Parang Malaysia saka Indonesia?” Atong asked.
“Oo,” I answered, “May alam kang kantang Bahasa?”
“Meron!” Atong answered, “Dayang! Dayang!”
“Bahasa ba yun?” I asked.
“Oo! Di mo alam?”
“Ako rin meron! Cinta yang di akhir garisan…”
“Ano yun? Kakaiba mga salita nila sa atin,” Ronald answered.
“Si Kyla!” I told them, “Yung kanta ng Rivermaya binahasa nya.”
“Binahasa?” Atong asked, “Binahasa si Kyla sa Malaysia…”
“Oo… Binahasa.”

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Posted by on March 17, 2012 in Dubai Friends, Journeyman


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