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Fasting From Filipino Food

Every Thursday morning our team share breakfast around 9 AM. Since 90% of the team is Indian we are always eating some form of Paratha or share some Biryani.
During the Team breakfast last Thursday morning, my Catholic boss told the team, “Hi I’m not eating today. I’m fasting but I want to sit here and see you guys… Orlee! Why are you eating!? It’s Lent. Shouldn’t you be fasting?”
I decided to abstain this lent and not fast but I don’t want to explain all of this to the whole table so I just answered, “I’m fasting from Filipino food so Indian food is exempted.”
Everybody laughed. Carol then answered, “Then you should have bring some Filipino food so that I could fast from Indian food.”

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Chicken Run

Yesterday morning, I tweeted this…

Obviously that was a mistake as some of my friends thought it was true: It’s real that we are running 5k for Red Crescent but we are not holding a bucket full of chicken while running. Here’s how it went via BBM.

Estela:  How any chicken did you consume while running?? Hehe
Freida:  Hahaha! Parang and weird lang talaga ng run na to.
Orlee:  Weird dahil fastfood and host? Oo. Weird.
Freida:  Hindi naman kaya. Di ba running promotes healthy lifestyle tapes may hawk ng bucket ng chicken. Hehe!
Estela:  Ilan pcs of chicken? Sayo after ng run?
Orlee:  Ay naku! Joke lang yung may hawak na bucket! Hahaha!
Estela: Hala! Nakwento na ni freida sa head office. Hahaha.


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Coñotic BBM

Z was on the way to the office but didn’t wanna come up to pick up the document she needs so I just told her via BBM, “Just tell me pag need ko na bumaba…”
Before she could even reply, so I immediately sent, “Ang conyo ng huli kong BBM.”
“Napansin ko nga,” she replied.
“Kakapakinig kay Chico and Delamar siguro,” I told her.
“Di sila ganun magsalita no!?”

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The Ateneo Jacket Incident

Ronald was wearing his Ateneo jacket when the store clerk asked, “Ay! Sir! Ateneo ka?”
Before he could even answer, Anj cut him and said, “Hindi. Ambisyoso lang s’ya.” She is Atenean. Ronald is not.
“May ganyan din kasi ako,” said the clerk.
“Ay Ateneo ka?” Anj asked cheerfully.
“Hindi po. Ambisosyo lang din.”

Ayan kasi! Walang preno!

Even Tony Blair is “Ambisyoso”

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