Curly Hair Disease

20 Nov

One of my choir mates took a sick leave during our last concert.



The first day of work after the concert, the news clipping of the event was posted in their company bulletin board. She was so embarrassed. Good thing her boss was cool and she defended herself gracefully.

We told her afterwards, “Kasi naman magkakasakit ka lang talagang ayus na ayus pa ang kuko mo.”
She laughed it off.
“At ang sakit mo nakakakulot ng buhok!” Her hair was still curly from all the styling the previous day.

This Thursday, we have an upcoming concert but she has decided not to take the same route. She bbm-ed us, “:( Di ako pinayagan ng amp ko mag-leave.”
“Mag-sick leave ka ulit,” we suggested.
“Naku! Baka mawalan na ako ng trabaho.”
“Sakit ulit na nakakakulot!”

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Posted by on November 20, 2011 in Choirboy


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