Renato: The Musical

30 Jun

Atong is a human musical number. Why? He spontaneously sings in public places.

One time, at an elevator he burst into a song, “Ohhh ohhhh….” he was trying to sing one of our choir’s ethnic songs.
“Huy!” I would tell him, “May ibang tao oh,” pointing at an Indian.

At the cashier, he unconsciously sang, “Pm pm pm pm pm….”
Ronald told him, “Huwag kang kumanta! Ang lakas ng boses mo,” while hitting Atong.

Another instance was when we were sending money in a remittance center, he stood at the back and hummed the whistle part on this song, the soundtrack to Rio.
The cashier inside the booth spoke out, “Uy….! Rio….”
Not embarrassed, he approached the lady, “Napanood mo rin?” He was quite happy to have found another soul who knows the song.

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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in Choirboy, Dubai Friends


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