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Wake Up Call

It was Friday, my church day.
The alarm went off so I went straight to the bathroom.
Braved the cold water of the shower and dragged myself to prepare for church.
I looked at the wallclock: 3:30 AM.
There is something wrong there as I need to get up at 5:00 AM, “It must be broken,” I told myself.
I immediately looked at my watch: 3:30 AM.
I checked my phone: It was not an alarm but a missed call.


Lesson learned: Check the phone’s time before getting up.

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Gaining 6 Kilos

“Tuma ba raw si She ng 6 kilos!” a choirmate shared.
“Ows!?” I asked.
“Oo. Nasa Facebook n’ya.”

“Ganun?” Atong asked, “Ano yun? Kumain ng semento?”
I laughed.
“Baka 6 lbs lang kasi,” he followed.


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Tweet of the Week

Fairly relatable to how I feel. In the tune of Bruno Mars’ song

Thanks, Paul.


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Miguel’s Basket

Tem, Sam and Miguel were in Robinson’s Imus Department Store when they lost the little boy and found him with a basket full of clothes.
“Ang gaganda ng dress, Tita Tem,” Sam exclaimed.
“Oo nga. Ang galing naman ni Miguel pumili ng basket,” Tem answered while trying on the clothes over they are wearing.

They were interrupted by a scream, “Hoy! Akin ‘yan!”
All three looked at  a woman breathing heavily, “Hinahabol ko ‘yung bata, inagaw ‘yung basket ko,” referring to Miguel.
“Ay sorry po,” Tem embarrassedly  answered while taking off the dress. Tem thought the basket was abandoned, apparently Miggy stole the basket from the woman.

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Two Words

After talking to Nanay, I asked Tem, “Kamusta raw Nanay? Homesick pa?”
“Hindi na raw, kuya,” she answered, “Kinaya n’ya nga raw na five days mag-isa sa bahay eh.”
“Sinabi n’ya yun?”
“Wow ang galing naman ni Nanay.”
“Yes. 2 words yun na English: Five. Days.”
“Ang galing na ni Nanay mag-English.”

Ronald overheard this and asked, “Wow! First two words yun ni Nanay?”
“Dalawang words. Hindi first. Second dapat.”
“Second words ni Nanay?” Ronald corrected.


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Gateway First Timers

When we went to Gateway Mall (for the very first time in our lives), I told my nieces, “Oh, huwag n’yo pahahalatang mga probinsyano tayo ha?”
They looked up at me and said, “Bakit, Tito? Halata ba?”
I laughed. They are so gullible.

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Ness and Her Two Friends

“Saan ba concert ni Ne-yo?” Ness asked.
“Sa Chi Bar. Saan ba yun?” I asked.
“Sa Wafi. Ay, Orlee, maraming tao dun. Crowded.”
“Ay! Sorry… Gusto mo ba ‘yung concert na tatlo lang kayo sa audience?”

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