Tem & Miggy: Huhuhu

29 Mar

Tem finally returned to Dubai while everyone was still here.
I saw her off in the airport together with Tatay, Nanay, Paula, Ponette and Tem’s little Miggy.
When it was about to say goodbye, Tem could only hug and kiss Miggy goodbye. My lightbulb lit and told myself: Photo Op!

After Tem got off the car, nanay sat beside me. I showed the picture. She cried. I told her, “Hehe. Sadista.”

At home, all my sisters were waiting for us, I immediately showed the picture to each one of them, “Eto lang maipapakita ko sa inyo.”
Tears fell from their eyes:  Sadista.
Nanay asked, “Ano ‘yun? Bakit sila umiiyak?”
“Yung picture ho,” I answered, “Gusto n’yo ulit makita?” then showed it to Nanay.
“Huhuhu!” Nanay answered while tears slowly fell from her eyes.

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