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International Suit Up Day

I was checking my Facebook account and was reminded by my good friend, Sarah, that 13th October is International Suit Up Day. Here’s her photo:

In honor of today being the International Suit Up Day and of course in honor of the awesome Barney Stinson; I suited up!

I’m telling you wearing a suit makes you feel LEGEN…wait for it…DARY! 😉


Then Ronald, my flatmate, asked me, “Tara bili tayo ng laptop charger sa City Centre (Mall)?”
I was too tired but I found a suit-up opportunity so I told him, “Sige, pero mag-su-suit ako.”
“Bahala ka,” he thought I was kidding.

After coming out of the bedroom he asked me, “Bakit ka naka-suit?”
“It’s International Suit Up Day! Legen-wait for it – dary!”
“Adik ka. Palabas lang ‘yun. Dapat wala kang pakialam kay Barney.”

Suited Up in the Dubai Metro

Cold Stone! What Up!?

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Birthyear Website

Last night, while I was trying to check out a newly discovered website, It was nice but the words on that website took so much time to unfold.
I left it and told Ronald, “Mag-sha-shower lang ako, ha? Hayaan mo lang.”
Because it was late in the evening, the nervous bone of Ronald tingled, “Ayoko n’yan! Niloloko mo lang ako, tinatakot mo nanaman ako! Isasara ko talaga ‘yan.”

After my shower, I saw the laptop’s lid closed. “Bakit mo sinara?” I asked him.
“Ayoko n’yan!” he screamed, “Baka ‘yan ‘yung: Boooohhhh! Yung may biglang lalabas.”
“Napakaduwag mo.”


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