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1,000th Funny Side

In the tradition of Funny Side, I always summarize the 10 funniest of the past 100 posts. Here’s the rundown of the funniest:

10. Real Reason
09. Friendship Watch
08. A Garbage Can Full of Women’s Shoes
07. Camarines Norte or Camarines Sur
06. Jade: Room Boy
05. Diet Cake
04. Singapore Sama
03. Nakakatakot vs Nakakadiri
02. Barong and Eskoba
01. Uso Smile

Since this is also my 1,000th post, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my readers.

Thanks to my family and friends for reading and sharing their stories.

A lot has happened for the past 4 years since I have started this blog: I saw how Miguel grew up and how Aki and Pong matured. How Nanay has looked forward to living in the US and came back home to the Philippines. This blog even served as a travelogue to my journeys to foreign lands.

It’s funny how a few words can offend people (how evil): Like when a client, offended, requested to delete a post about her and how Bing‘s housemates left her, offended by a post.

This blog has been a witness on how I love to collect Ronaldisms and the Tem-and-Me Dynamics stories. Witnessed how I like to reminisce old stories and creating new funny ones.

This blog was even once a runner up in an award giving body. Still, the best part is when people ask me how funny they find a post and how easy to introduce friends to each other by just referring to their stories that each other have read.

It’s nice to visit the past once in awhile and treasure them forever.

Until the next thousand… Cheers!

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