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Uso Smile

I was browsing DJ Chico Garcia’s blog when I saw on his RX Anniversary Party 2010 blog entry a picture of a certain girl with a nice (but unnatural) smile. Here’s the photo:

I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I also saw it on Beaula, a UAE-based friend. Here’s her smile:

I, then, saw it again on my sister‘s Facebook Profile Picture:

I knew this time, I had to ask.
“Bakit uso yang smile na ‘yan?” I asked my sister.
“Bagay sa atin ang ganyang smile,” she answered, “Makapal kasi ang labi natin.”
“Aaahhh,” I told myself.

I forgot about Tem’s reply but during our time at the viewing deck of Burj Khalifa, I was reminded with the USO SMILE as Beaula kept doing it.
I asked her, “Paano ‘yang smile na ‘yan?”
She laughed embarrassingly screamed, “Ay! Ma-ba-blog ako!” she knew it was coming.

She then told me, “Taas ang cheekbone tapos ibanat ang labi ng palapad.” Here it is:

I know it didn’t look good but compared to Ronald and Jade who tried the USO SMILE themselves, I know I have the upper hand.

Jade and Ronald trying it


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Ice Cream Cake

Because food was overflowing, I always offered my guests, whatever was left in the table, “Guys, menudo? Igadu? Paella?”

For dessert, I, myself, got confused what to offer…

Ice Cream Cake? Ice Cream? Cake? Ice? Cream?

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Birthday Food

To save money (’cause you know how thrifty I am), I gave out food assignments to my friends for my birthday party:

Jade and Marish – Cake
Susan – Ice Cream Cake
Patrick – Ice Cream
Cathy – Sisig
Zinnia – Paella
Connie – Pork Dish
Che – Menudo
Marie – Igadu
Karen – Banana Cake

And the rest was prepared by me, Ronald, Bing and Beaula at home.

For every dish offered, I would say, “Oh, kuha kayo ng ice cream, courtesy of Patrick. Menudo oh, thanks to Che-che.”
Zinnia teased, “Orlee! Ang saya naman ng birthday potluck party mo!”
“Excuse me, ma’am, wala pong middle name ang birthday party ko. Hindi po s’ya potluck.”
Then how come it is.

All in all the party was successful foodwise. Thanks to my sponsors. 🙂

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