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1 Dirham Gift

Taxi Total Fare: AED 12.00
Money on my wallet: AED 10o bill and AED 1 coin.

“No small bill? Pare, this is my first shift,” said the Indian driver.
“Sorry, pare, I don’t have a small bill,” I answered.

The driver gave me AED 90.00 so I needed to give him AED 102.00! I’m 1 dirham short! Good thing Liza, my choirmate, also just arrived. I borrowed AED 1.00 and she gladly offered.

After practice, I told Liza, “May utang ako sa ‘yo.”
“Huwag na!” she answered, “Happy birthday na lang,” hinting that instead of a gift, that’s what she’ll give me for my birthday.
I screamed, “Hindi!… Magbabayad ako!”

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