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Narnian Bathroom

Back in Hong Kong, we decided to check in a cheap hotel since we only need to stay there for a night ( and all day outside).
I told Mico, Annie and Me-an that I’ll go first in the bathroom.
Since it’s a cheap hotel, the bathroom ain’t that big. Actually, one can barely move inside. There’s a small sink, next to a bowl and a small space to stand in between (to take a shower).
Since shower is a privilege denied on a Dubai summer, I really enjoyed it. I sang my heart out and I’m sure they can hear me outside the bathroom.

After me, Mico followed suit. He was shocked at the space.
“Akala ko malaki!” he complained.
I laughed, he might have imagined I was jumping around inside.
“Pang-Narnia ‘yung CR,” comparing it to the wardrobe that has a whole world inside it.

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