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City of Angels Revisited

My choirmates and I were talking about some movie synopses when we arrived on the Nicholas Cage’s 1998 movie City of Angels.
Mabel shared, “Nakakainis ang ending n’yang City of Angels. After ni Nicholas Cage maging tao, namatay naman si Meg Ryan.”
“Mag-bike ba naman kasi ng naka hands free tapos tumingala eh?” I answered, “Tapos imposible namang di n’ya narinig ang 10 wheeler na truck!?”


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Surprise Homecoming

Bing just came back from a surprise one week homecoming. Her kids were shocked and happy at the same time.
Gab, ang saya mag-surprise!” she told Gab. Gab tried it but his father-in-law had a slip of a tongue; hence, Ingrid, his wife, was prepared for his big ‘surprise’ last year.
Ronald also did this to surprise his ex wife, during her birthday.

I am amazed at how these people could pull a surprise homecoming off so I told them, “Ma-try nga rin ‘yang surprise-surprise na ‘yan,” then I told Jules, “Best! Try mo yan kay Ann. Surpresahin mo sya: Ann, nasa Pinas na ako!”
Gab laughed and said, “Nasa Dubai kaya si Ann!”
“Kaya nga,” I answered, “Siguradong ma-su-surprise ‘yun kapag bigla-biglang nasa Pilipinas na si Julius!”

Cast of Characters: Me, Dad, Gab, DJ, Jules, MJ, Ann, Bing, Ronald

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Wowowee vs Eat Bulaga: Which is Funnier?

Willie interviewing a kid contestant on Wowowee…

Will: Nasan ang nanay mo?
Bata: Nasa bahay po. May sakit po sya.
Will: Talaga? Kamusta na sya?
Bata: Wala nga pong panggamot eh.
Will: Eh ang tatay mo?
Bata: Nanonood po sa bahay.


Contestants on Pinoy Henyo…

Guesser: Bagay?
Answerer: Hindi!
Guesser: Sa loob ng bahay?
Answerer: Hindi!
Guesser: Sa kwarto?
Answerer: Hindi!!!!
Guesser: Aparador?
Answerer: Hindi!!!!!!!!!!

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