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Valentine’s Day 2005

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Philippine Valentine’s Day has never been the same since 5 years ago. The now infamous Valentines Day Bombing scarred our history books with blood and death; and the Ayala Avenue bombing’s smoke was witnessed by yours truly.

My former colleagues and I (BPI Bancassurance) decided to eat out to celebrate the occasion. The place: Super Bowl of China – Glorietta. The Ayala Avenue MRT Station was in perfect view from the window of the restaurant.

Zero Hour: A loud explosion was heard! Then smoke rose in the background. We didn’t panic. But the other customers did!

Everybody ran from their tables and left their food! “San naman sila pupunta? Eh anlayo naman nun! Mas safe dito.” Somebody uttered from our group.
We finished our dinner and waited until everything was calm outside.
Before we left our waitress was obviously sad so we asked, “Miss, bakit?”
“Kasi po,” she sobbed, “Andaming hindi nagbayad!”

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Expiry Date

I told the receptionist in my gym, “I’ll expire on the 14th.”
“No! Don’t say that!” she answered.

She was Indian and I forgot that for Indians, EXPIRE only means one thing: death.

When I realized this,  I told her, “Well… You can never say, right?”
“That’s true,” she smiled answering.

After I renewed earlier this evening, I told her, “So… When will I expire again?”
She laughed.

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We Are the World 25

I showed Ronald the re-doing of We Are the World:

Ronald: Sino ‘yan?
Me: Justin Bierber
Ronald: Uy! Si Jennifer Hudson! Eh yan?
Me: Di ko kilala.
Ronald: Eh yan?
Me: Si Josh Groban.
Ronald: Eh yan?
Me: Di ko alam. Tony Bennet ata.
Ronald: Yan?
Me: Mary J Blige! Hangang mamaya ba tayo ganito?
Ronald: Oo… Eh yan?
Me: Barabara Streisand! Oh yan baka di mo pa kilala? Si Hannah Montana.
Ronald: Ay! Oo nga!
Me: Si Iglesias. Si R Kelly. Wyclef Jean. Maroon 5.
Ronald: Si Pink!… Eh yan?
Me: Si Michael Jordan.
Ronald: Hindi!


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While X was scavenging for a good pair of brassieres in SM Department Store, the hill of bras suddenly fell.
I screamed, “Bravalanche!”
She laughed so hard and asked, “X! Ano ba?”

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