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Curious Salon

A new salon is about to open across our flat in Deira, Dubai.

Would it bring the Diva out of every man?

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Nice Cap

Tem gave our 3 sisters a Von Dutch cap with a UV Protected plastic brim.

When Ate Richie wore the pictured cap going to her Condominium Unit in Pasig (her tenant is about to move out) to close all the books, she went to the Administration Office to inquire about her unit’s water consumption.
The Maintenance guys were called and while Ate was speaking, one of the maintenance guys knocked on the cap’s brim and asked, “Ano to? Kahoy?”
Ate Richie, fumed by the maintenance guy’s action, stood up, slapped and punched the guy. She screamed, “Bastos ka! Di mo ba ako kilala?”
Her tenant was there and answered, “S’ya ang totoong may-ari ng condo unit.”
The guys apologized and apologized.

“Baka naman kasi ang panget mo nanaman. Ano bang suot mo nung nagpunta ka dun?” I asked after she told me the story.
“Kahit na, ano? Bastos s’ya. Takot na takot nga after kasi laging nang nakayuko tuwing dadaan ako sa harap n’ya.”


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Bass Overload

A new member auditioned in my Dubai choir, the Christian Voices Chorale, last week.
The new member, Angelo, was assigned in the bass section after his Philippine national anthem rendition. For the past 6 months, there already had been 5 auditions and they were all assigned in the bass section, yours truly included.
Because of the overpopulation of the said section, Kuya Jun, the Musical Director, kiddingly said, “Dahil masyado na tayong maraming bass — mag-e-eliminate tayo ng isa everyweek.”
American Idol?

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Slapping the Drama

Tem ended her Dubai adventure on the 20th of this month. She returned home after almost two years in Dubai.
During the last night before her flight, we went out for a cup of coffee since I may not see her off the next day.
“Kuya! Nalulungkot ako,” teary eyed Tem said.
I immediately slapped her.
“Aray!” she screamed, “Bakit mo ako sinampal!?”
“Kanina ka pa drama ng drama!”
“Grabe, nag-e-emote pa ako! Nakalog ang utak ko dun!!!” she said angrily while pulling my hair off.

Tem and Miggy together again.


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Immigrant Mom

“Ano feeling ng nanay ngayon?” I asked ate Richie over the phone. Nanay now holds her immigrant visa to the US.
“Hay naku! Ayaw pumayag na ‘di sasabay sa flight ko pauwi sa Sabado.”
“Bakit?” I asked.
“Kasi naman pwede namang ‘di muna s’ya sumabay pa-Amerika, kaya lang excited na umalis gusto nang sumabay sa akin. Ang kaso mahal ang ticket n’ya kasi nga ilang araw lang ang pagitan ng reservation at flight date.”
I laughed.  “Eh di sabihin mo sa kanya next time na s’ya umalis.”
“Ang sabi sa akin eh: Hindi! Sasabay ako sa lipad mo. Mag-e-empake na ako para sa Sabado. Parang batang di ka pwedeng mag-explain na mahal ang kendi at walang pambili.”
“Nasan s’ya ngayon?”
“Nasa Robinson’s Imus, bumibili ng pang-flight n’yang damit.”

Nanay cheering up an already sad Ponette during her despedida.


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