Prodigal Son

20 Jan

Kuya Bien, one of my kuyas in my new choir, made a poster of all the CVC members thru the years and he unintentionally forgotten to include me. Here’s the first draft:

I then sent an email and commented: “Wow! Ang pogi ko naman dyan!”
He finally realized his overlook and immediately sent a revised one:

He caught me online that night and buzzed me, “Sorry I forgot.”
“No issues,” I told him. Then I realized that I’ve gotta have that ace to emotionally blackmail him.

The next night, I caught him online and the conversation went like this…

Orlee: Kuya Bien, bakit di ako counted as family member ng CVC? May nagawa ba akong masama?
Bien: Har har har. No issues daw?
Orlee: Grabe naman. Tapos sarcastic ka pa… Ayaw nyo ba sa akin?
Bien: Kasi masyado kang magaling O-OP kami. (he was starting to ride on my joke)
Orlee: hahaha! Good one.
Bien: Tapos taga La Salle ka pa..yung iba TUP at PUP lang.
Orlee: i guess kaya walang maayos manamit sa inyo. Kasi tinatanggal nyo agad. Hindi agad counted as family member.
Bien: Tapos ang hilig mo Harsh brown. Kami prench pry lang.
Orlee: McFlurry ang gusto ko
Bien: with the tongue swirling while pronouncing the word? Tapos imbes na uuwi sa Pinas sa vacation diretso lang sa Bangkok, Australia…
Orlee: Wala eh. Sorry. Tinatry ko na ngang bumaba pero hirap palang i-level. Di parin counted sa family…

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