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Farewell, Celso

Celso has been with CVC, my choir group here in Dubai, for quite sometime now. It is bittersweet that he has to push for Canada since his Immigrant Visa already arrived. He’ll be flying out before January ends.

During his last chance to sing with the group’s morning mass, tears suddenly fell from his eyes on the “Lamb of God” song.
He hid it from everyone as to not distract them.
A few moments later, some members suddenly follow suit. It would have been nice if they started weeping during the prayer part of the mass…no. They cried while singing the communion song: Lead Me Lord. Some had light tears some wear weeping hard and stopped singing. They will surely miss Celso.

After the mass, Kuya Jun, our choir conductor, told him, “Pinaiyak mo ang choir!…. Sa communion!”

I told myself: Di sila pwedeng manalo sa singing contest, ‘di nila kayang umiyak habang kumakanta.

Guy of the Hour: Second Person in front

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Pasalubong for Nanay

A year after I was denied from my US Visa application, I’ve decided to try it again (Makulit ka talaga ha?).

Since Ate Richie petitioned my mom, Nanay will be in Ohio by February, it’ll be perfect to visit her on March 26, her birthday; hence, I really have to apply now!

In the meantime…

Tem is finally homebound. From Dubai to Philippines by next week (I know. I know. Kawawa ka naman. Mag-isa ka nalang sa Dubai. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.)
I was reminded again, “Kuya, mga pasalubong mo sa Pinas?”
“Di ko na uuwian ang nanay, tatay na lang, kasi magkikita namin kami sa March sa US eh.”
“Ah ok.”

When Tem called Nanay a few days ago, during the last seconds of her call, she told nanay my pasalubong plan for her…
“Nay, ‘di na raw kayo uuwian ni Kuya…”
Nanay screamed, alarmed, “Bakit!?”
Then the call as cut off. She was not able to explain my reason.
Poor nanay. She might think, “Ano kayang nagawa ko at di na ako uuwian ng anak ko?”

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